Chasing a Dream

Out of the Shadows

Dreams we all have them; we all want to see them become a reality. But how do you keep your dreams alive when you see them being taken away from you. Regardless of your race, gender, religious believes, if you are an American, Mexican, Chinese, French, Canadian, Columbia or which ever country you hail from, you have Dreams.

People like me are called Dreamers not because we dream out of having things that we only see in movies or magazines, not because we dream of having wealth that we will never be able to spend. No, we are called Dreamers because we dream of being FREE.

On September 6th, the President took away the dreams of millions of people, people who not only for the past 5 years had been working towards achieving their goals and being productive members of society, but these people have been here for many years before, some like myself have been here for 22 years, but we still dream of being given a card the same size as a driver’s license which grants us permission to be here. A card that grants us permission to call ourselves Americans.

My life is in a stand still, I have no idea what my future holds for me right now, the same way millions of others are unsure right now. Congress continues to state they will take care of the Dreamers, something I have been hearing since 2009 when I personally took a trip to DC and met with several Senators and House of Representative members who all said ~ Taking Care of the Dreamers is our top priority ~ but for over 8 years they have brushed us off as if we did not matter. Meanwhile hundreds are losing their jobs each day, hundreds will continue to lose their jobs for more days to come. I have gone from being able to help provide financial security to myself and my mother even though it has been extremely hard financially on both me and her since my step-dad passed in May, but now we are down to living only on her income; with her making less then $300 a week, chances are in the next month or so my mother and I will find ourselves homeless due to this change in regulations and the failure to act by Congress.

During the entire month of December Dreamers, we promised that before congress left for the holiday season a vote and resolution to DACA would come to pass, they would not leave for the year until a resolution was found, words that have now soften; words that have now become “Will revisit this in January”.

In some ways I have voiced my opinion, but for the most part I have kept quiet in fear of what would happen if I did decide to speak up and actually let my opinion be heard. Recently I heard a Fox News Report online ask an immigrant what rights do we have to ask for a solution to the beyond broken Immigration System; Mr. Reported here is my answer to you. From the day I graduated from High School I went to work in a sweat shop located near the Miami International Airport, and I have paid my fair share of taxes since, I have done my community services, I have helped others besides just myself. I have an opinion because I have no country to go back to, this is the only place I have ever known, so I ask you Mr. Reported what have I done to you that was so horribly bad besides pay taxes, being a role model to others, helped better other people’s lives, what gives you the right to say who stays or who goes, when did you become the Decider, what makes you so much more different than me.
For the last month, since my documentation was taken away I have been living in fear wondering if or when they will come for me. It has taken my anxiety level to the point where my medication no longer helps at this point. This country is facing a cross road where love is becoming hate, peace is becoming anger, and our country deserves better.
It’s funny I tried finding some form of work, as a contractor via my business which by the way also pays taxes, to try and stay busy until this broken immigration system is fixed, I got a call which went on for about 10 minutes it was conducted as a phone interview to see how or if I was even qualified to work on a film set, the person who I was speaking with was impressed. It was all going well during the conversation with this lady, until she said “I just wanted to see what kind of experience you had, but I have no intentions of ever hiring you, I a strong support of the President, I stand behind him 100% and I think people like you need to get the hell out of this country because you don’t belong here.”
A part of me wanted to give her a piece of my mind, but the better part of me decided to take the high road. I thank her for her time and wished her the best of luck on her film. Between you and me, I hope she crashes and burns, goes over budget and never sees her dreams come to be. Her hate for people like me will become her own downfall.
Most recently I distanced myself from a lot of people; specially my entire film crew, I don’t want what I am going through to come end up hurting what we have all worked so hard to build, I still stand by all of you, and I still plan on somehow pushing forward with our projects in 2018. I appreciate all the work you guys do for me, but I can’t let myself be your downfall.

I decided to speak my truth because there are millions who are scared to let their voices be heard, they are scared of what will happen to them, I been lucky to have a little bit of a platform where I can speak and be heard. If immigration reform came with the same type of lobbyists who push to health care reform, tax reform, military reform; gun law reform and money was being thrown at those in Congress, a resolution to this broken system would have come many years ago. But what’s your incentive to fix a system where you don’t financially benefit from, perhaps maybe just on future votes and job security, I mean let’s say both the House and Senate decide to come together and pass let’s for scenario purposes the DREAM ACT, how many more people from each of your states would not say he looked out for me when my future was bleak; I think that Politician now deserves my vote and respect. But hey what’s the financial benefit on trying to save human lives $0, millions of people are losing work, crops all over the country are going unpicked because farmers are no longer able to hire labor and are now losing money, immigrants are not afraid to work jobs because they have been doing it for many year, but now they are afraid of what will happen if they attempt to do it. To me the price of a human life if priceless, people should not have to wait and see what will happen to them instead they should have their minds put at ease and finally be granted the freedom most people deserve.

And no as an Immigrant my personal opinion is only those who have never committed a crime and I mean they need to have a perfectly clean record not misdemeanors of any form, and specially no felonies. Only those immigrants should be granted the right to stay here as lawful American residents.
Now I ask, didn’t the President himself say over and over and over like a broken record that he was going to make Mexico pay for the wall, what happened with that, why should tax payer be forced to pay for something that will never stop the flow of illegal immigrants in to this country. We have spent so much wasted time speaking about building a wall on the Mexican border that unless I am completely wrong and failed history and geography in high school which were 2 of my best subjects I actually excelled in, our country has 2 borders and I know people and have read many stories of immigrants coming in from the Canadian border as well.
Heck let’s not build a wall, let’s build one giant done kind of like the one in the Simpson’s movie; and there can only ever be 1 entry point for anyone coming in or out of the United States, I promise you that will slow a lot of the immigrants trying to come in, and it may give DHS a chance to catch up on their back logs.

I recall during the election The President stating, something like ~ What about the dreamers, what are we going to do about the dreamers, what about the American kids what are we going to do about their dreams ~ Mr. President, here is your answer if an American child wants to have their dreams come true, all they have to do is go out and get it, this is the land of opportunity the only thing stopping them from achieving anything is them and them alone. I was able to achieve a lot of things, on my own, by never taking anything away from “THE AMERICAN KID”.
I love this country, I love everything it stands for, and I will always defend this country even if I don’t agree with the person in control of it. The President’s campaign slogan was “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” but how can you make something great again if it never stopped being great.
For the 22 years that I have lived in this country America has been Great, and it’s not the laws, our instruction, our wealth, cities or state that make this country great. Our people does. The American people have the ability to come together when times are tough, no matter what our race or where we are from, every time this country has face, tragedy like mass shootings, terrorist attacks like 9/11, and even hate like the recent ones in Charlottesville, it has always been the people who brought us back from those hard times regardless if they are from the red or blue party. The only thing they care about is The Red, White & Blue.

Mr. President, Senators and Congressman and Congresswoman, the only way to stop illegal immigration in this county is by simply letting America stop being great. But that will never happen because it is the one thing you shall never have control over, and that’s the control of people’s heart and the bond our communities and neighbors have with one another.

Many will see this as another immigrant making demands, many will not like what I had to say, but just know that I respect your opinion regardless if you respect mine. Dreamers will continue to dream, we will not lose hope of being here, all we ask for is for a chance to be a part of the future of this country, we want to be community leaders, doctors, teacher, and like myself entrepreneur.
Regardless of what you think of me being here, regardless if I have that card that says I can be here in my heart I am an American.

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