Our Films

Rescue Me

Now Available

Released 2015


Now Available

Lawless Law

Now Available

We Work in the Dark

Now Available



Live Laugh Love

January 2018

Coming 2017

Standing in Front of Me

February 2018

Coming Fall 2017 and Winter 2018


Currently Filming


Our Films in Development

Left behind


Coming Summer 2018



Coming Winter 2017

Fatal Retribution



Brother in Arms

In Development

Ashley's Case


Coming Spring 2018


Lima Films has the ability to not only Produce your next Featured Film regardless if it has a small budget or if it has a Large Studio Featured Film Budget.

We will be happy to be a part of any type of film you are wanting to make and will make sure it turns out just as you intend for it to be.

Our Producer  fee to sign on to a film is negotiable as we determined on the type of budget and the type of film you are making.

Our services will making sure all your actors, director and crew member have signed their contracts and all agreements prior to the first day of filming. We will make all of our contract and agreements available to you as needed for all your film.

We will assist with scouting locations, securing locations.

Will ensure your filming stays on track, filming is completed no time and the film is completed in a time set by you.

Lima Films will waive part of our fee or the fee entirely if we believe that your film is worth doing so.

Under no circumstances will Lima Films be a part or associate with any films that would receive an Adult film rating.