After losing his family in a drug deal gone wrong, Kevin a former Baltimore Police Officer loses his will to live causing him to become an alcoholic whose only priority is finding his next drink, until he is see Natalie the daughter of his former partner being attacked by a group of thugs.

After saving Natalie’s life he comes face to face with his former partner Will for the first time in over 3 years only to realize he must fight the demons from his past if he is ever to make his family proud of the man he is while making sure their death was not go insane.

With all the odds stacked up against him, Kevin will have to use all of his martial arts knowledge to find retribution for his family as he takes on the world he left behind 3 years ago, with nothing left to lose he knows his path victory will require him to become

“The Legend of King Funk”.



More details on Cast, Crew and release date on the film Coming Soon.