The following films are in the Pre-Development stage. Scripts are completed and on stand-by to be moved into the Pre-Production stage.

56 Down

4 High School students are potential shooters in the mass killing of their fellow classmates and teachers.

Genre: Drama

Ashley’s Case

After graduating from Law School, Ashley Tate is able to secure an associate position at one of the country’s most prestigious Law Firms own and operated by her boss Calvin. Calvin inherited the farm from his father, but rather than running it with the same pride and honor his father did, he instead runs it like a frat house. A month after her employment at Calvin’s Law Firm began, Ashley discovers that her boss is the man responsible for her brother’s death.

Genre: Drama

Similarity: The Other Woman – Erin Brockovich

Brothers in Arms

Mike White a law school graduate enlists in the U.S. Army after realizing his childhood friend James Clark’s life is going nowhere fast, as he hopes this will help his friend gain a brighter future in life. Upon graduating from basic training and Ranger School, both friends are deployed to a combat zone, where a group of terrorist ambushes their unit only a few days upon their arrival. With several, united members being taken as POW, Mike and James are asked to lead a platoon of soldiers on a search and rescue mission. Their lives will be changed forever at the completion of the mission they were given. Mike and James may have considered each other as brothers before joining the Army; after all, they will endure together, they will forever be Brothers in Arms.

Genre: Action – Drama


American Dream

A family of foreign Immigrants, endure the trials they are forced to overcome as they pursue the American Dream.

Genre: Family Drama

Elite Squad

A pair of police officers find themselves in the middle of a Drug War. While they try to protect and serve their city, they also must face the possibility of the leader of the team getting fired for an incident involving the President of the United States.

Genre: Comedy



Special Forces Captain Justin Cook has spent the majority of his military career fearless performing risky missions on a daily basis, but he is now about to face the biggest challenge of his life. Upon returning home on vacation, Captain Cook is diagnosed with a tumor that could not only end his military career; it could ultimately end his life. Along with his wife Jessica and his lifelong friend Major Jake Sharp, Justin knows he has a long road ahead. Only time will tell if his treatment will save him, but the only way he will have a chance at beating his cancer is by being a Fighter.

Genre: Action – Drama

Left Behind

Two Childhood friends are re-united 15 years after being separated after the mother of Travis Washington is brutally murdered by his dad. These two friends cross paths again while Travis is being arrested, Chris who is a former Marine and went to become an attorney decided to try and help his old friend and 6-year-old daughter to a better path in life where they will no longer have to live on the streets. After an unfortunate event at a Charity Fundraiser where Travis gets in a confrontation with the Middleweight Boxing Champion of the World who feels humiliated, causing him to challenge Travis to a Charity Fight that ends up being a Title Match for the Championship Belt.

Genre: Action – Drama

Pinned Down

A group of individuals is given the opportunity, to show their talent as wrestlers in a competition. Jordan is given the opportunity to compete in this contest from an old high school friend and now talent agent Dex. As her own life struggles start in the way of her excelling Jordan finds herself, wondering if she will have what it takes to be a wrestler or if she should give n and realize that life has her Pinned Down.

Genre: Action – Drama

Strange Fruit

Ten years after retiring as an Army Special Forces Medic, David finds himself looking for answers and clues after his 10-year-old daughter along with 2 of her friends is kidnapped. With time being David’s biggest enemy, he knows that he must find his daughter before it is too late. Before she is sold in the black market or human and sex trafficking. With his military knowledge and training, David will do everything he can to prevent anything from happening to these 3 girls.



A Senior FBI Agent is K.I.A. under suspicious circumstances, and a group of criminal hackers threatens Agent Gabriel Kane’s family in order to breach the National Reserve. It’s up to Gabriel to uncover the truth behind Ashley’s death, save his family and put a stop to these terrorists. With all the turmoil surrounding him will Gabriel be able to uphold the law and stand by the Oath of Honor he took or will wanting revenge to get the best of him? Either way when good meets evil there will be Retribution.