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Jimmy Manfredy

was born in Hartford, CT but raised in the Bronx, NY.

Jimmy is the Head Executive responsible for all the Action/Stunt Choreography. In all of our films no stunts or action sequence are performed without it first being per-rehearsed and per-planned by him.  Jimmy has an extensive resume from several of the film projects he has worked on over the years.

As the Executive responsible for all Stunt Coordination Jimmy is personally involved with all stunt actors in which he personally hand picks to be involve as the stunt performers, the stunt coordinator arranges the casting and performance of the stunt, working closely with the director and the 1st AD.

We encourage you to visit his personal website to learn about his talent and skills but to also learn more about Twisted Elements Productions and the stunt team Jimmy has in place that you will never regret working with.

If you want to work with the best the film industry has to offer we encourage you to work with Jimmy.

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