These are the short films we have produced and released over the years.


Bloodline is a police crime drama with the cast for the film being made up of actresses. Officer Nightshade struggles with a decision she has to make, as she comes face to face with her enemy, Slayer.

In Post-Production coming Winter 2021


4 CIA Agents are sent on a Black Ops mission to recover stolen American Intel.

Available Free on YouTube.

Desolation of Evil

A series of murders continue to take place and aren’t able to be solved. Detective Ed Muller becomes a suspect in these crimes.

Birth of the Daywalker

A young vampire tracks down the man who killed his mother as he realizes he is like no other vampire. This is a Marvel’s Blade Fan Film.


After a Soldier is sent off to war, his wife receives a letter he sent home saying his goodbye to her.

Lawless Law

After serving several years in prison for a crime he did commit Wayne finds himself wondering where his life will go next, what he must do to keep himself from going back to prison, while also trying to regain custody of his daughter living under child services protection since he wants a chance to be a good father knowing she is all he has left in his life and his shot at redemption for what he has done in the past.

We Work in the Dark

This is an Assassin’s Creed Fan Film

Standing in Front of Me

Hannah and her best friend Gordon reflect on her past relationships helping her realize which guy is truly the right person for her.